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David 8 can record, process, understand and express many complex emotions, but he will never know true human feelings such as love, grief and compassion.

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Hungry for bandwidth, Pentagon may rely more on private satellite firms (The Washington Post, 23 Apr 2012, PageA10)

Hungry for bandwidth, Pentagon may rely more on private satellite firms
The Washington Post
23 Apr 2012

The U.S. military may spend $1 billion in the next decade to piggyback its communications equipment onto commercial satellites. The Air Force, which plans to ask companies for contract bids as early as September, has heard from “numerous’’ satellite…read more…

The stroke of dawn (The Washington Post, 19 Apr 2012, PageB1)

The stroke of dawn
The Washington Post
19 Apr 2012

Because her teammates depend on her, Margie Orrick roused herself from bed at precisely 4:48 a.m. She had set out her black tights and “Rock Creek Rowing” sweatshirt the night before, so she could be out of her Bethesda home by 5:06. “We don’t have a…read more…

Protecting the president and more (The Washington Post, 10 Apr 2012, PageB4)

Protecting the president and more
Julia Pierson
The Washington Post
10 Apr 2012

Position: Chief of Staff, U.S. Secret Service Best known for: Playing a major role in helping the Secret Service carry out its dual missions of protecting the president of the United States and investigating counterfeiting and fraud. As chief of…read more…

Making a career of turning chaos into order (The Washington Post, 9 Apr 2012, PageA9)

Making a career of turning chaos into order
—Interview with Vanessa Small
The Washington Post
9 Apr 2012

Early on, I knew I liked the ability to take chaos and turn it into order. Information systems are complex. Markets and systems are complex. It’s that complexity that is intriguing and that’s probably the theme of my career. My first job out of…read more…

PASSOVER WINES (The Washington Post, 4 Apr 2012, PageE5)


The Washington Post
4 Apr 2012

Ella Valley Vineyards “Everred” 2007 Judean Hills, Israel, $26 This blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon could pass as a good cru Bordeaux. It tastes a bit fusty and reluctant at first, but give it an hour — I recommend decanting — and it reveals a…read more…