Microsoft’s New Xbox Girds for a Smartphone Battle –

i already use the Xbox 360 to buy and watch films.
For the next generation I would like to see a mega feature list of all streaming media in a "smaller" more "lounge friendly" box with capability to view pics and videos from PCs and DNLA servers (e.g. QNAP)

Out of the box:
1. Film and TV show purchase (good value with subs available and the latest films)
2. ability to stream many live channels to compete with freeview and freesat
3. youtube with PC status and similar functionality
4. iplayer and all the UK tv repeaters
5. Email and web browsing
6. downloadable games, even the top titles (as well as the option to continue to buy them as discs)
7. Mini QWERTY keyboard built into all controllers. Smaller controllers with "stylish" media controller in the box
8. App store perhaps with full Windows 8 capability (RT if it takes off)
9. possibility of large hard disk to use box as a backup and also be able to see it on network as share
10. web server, streaming server, music server, video server and other utilities

11. Can connect via web on android, windows or iphone app to control box and program box
12. Ability to record programs/streams for watching later
13. Allow mouse and keyboard for playing games

I am sure I can think of more …


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